Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

Awan is primarily A People’s Company

We believe that investing in people, is what is missing in the current channel which is driven mainly by numbers: customers ,human resources and vendors are treated as statistics, which is not the best success formula in our region.
Growth in revenues and channel penetration will occur only through a better assimilation of cultures and a profound understanding of the needs of customers, resellers and vendors as our most valuable assets.


To be an advocate of our customer by representing their interests through understanding their needs and offering the best possible solutions and service.

Products & Services

To offer unique, top-quality products and services which encompass qualitative technology provided by state-of-the-art technicians who both consult and work hard and enthusiastically to achieve superior solutions to customer needs.


To aspire always for improvement, innovation and record-breaking achievements by perfecting methods and behaviors through constructive criticism.

Our mission
Our mission


To take pride in being part of society, contributing to the growth of the country’s economy in which we operate, and giving back to the less fortunate and building a just and strong society.


Our 2016  plan provides for the establishment of subsidiaries and offices in Pakistan , Afghanistan, UAE, Bangladesh and Singapore, along with an Egypt -based Training Center.
Moving forward,  Myanmar, Sri-lanka and Brunei are very much part of our ambitious expansion plan.